This is Kim Lim, The Hot Billionaire-Heiress From Singapore

The 23-year-old heiress usually posts selfies, surrounding herself with handbags, shoes, and can be seen holidaying in all parts of the world. But mostly, it's hard to ignore her beauty. She's actually quite a looker, this one.

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A guy named Steve raised the bar on anniversary celebrations. He wanted to do something special for his wife Kelli on their 10th wedding anniversary so he decided that remarrying her would be the perfect gift.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Dec 18, 2014 16:31
If these examples of husbands are the standard of lousy ones, then it looks like it's quite easy to be one yourself. All you have to do is follow instructions, and use a little common sense. And not be lazy. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 16:31
Seeing hot chicks in gyms is not something special. After all, no one wakes up looking hot. It requires hard work! So you go to the gym too, only to find a hottie walking by. You can't help yourself but stare. But the only problem: you're on a treadmill, and not paying attention can be disastrous.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 16:09
People spending money on plastic surgery to look like other celebrities are not uncommon. But while most have some 'decent' results, 23-year-old Jordan Parke had a very different outcome. He spent four years and over $150,000 on plastic surgery so that he could look like Kim Kardashian.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 15:52
2014 is coming to an end, so we're wrapping up with some of the most romantic moments of the year. Check them out in the list below and let us know if we've missed any.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 13:32
A common misconception and belief most people have when they lose weight, is that fat just gets burned off. Some believe it even gets turned into muscle. But new research published in the British Medical Journal is suggesting otherwise.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Dec 18, 2014 13:10
Pranks are funny, and most of these are pretty harmless except for a few. But be warned: if you intend on playing a prank on someone, or worse - people you don't know, then be prepared for any unintended consequences. Here are the funniest 20 that happened in 2014.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 12:45
It's hard to say if a man is the right choice to write a tampon commercial. It could be good. Great even. Or it might not. Either way, this is Hammerkatz, a comedy group that decided to make a parody video of a 'what-if' men did just that.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 12:32
Marina and the Diamonds released a new single called "Happy". The song has since shot up to No. 6 on the iTunes charts. The melancholy 'happy' song is actually quite nice, and slow, and tearjerker-ish.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 12:32
Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon might just be the quintessential BFFs. Every time they get together, they make something really, really funny. Now, they've done it again in their newest camp skit.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 12:18
New York-based creative Cecilia Azcarate has created a Tumblr to prove that IKEA products existed centuries ago. She merged IKEA products with 16th century artworks, and even put a price to them!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 12:13
This is probably the most amicable divorce ever. They announce their divorce with a lot of excitement and euphoria, like it was the best thing to ever happen to them. Almost as if like they were having a baby!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 12:13
Tattoos are forever, if you don't plan on going for laser removal, which I hear is about 3 times more painful. So the decision to get one done should be done carefully. Here are some 25 of the worst tattoos that were done in 2014. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 12:06
Need a walkthrough on the Lord of the Rings mythology? You're in luck. Super nerd CGP Grey has now explained everything to make it clear.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 11:26
Jade Burke is only 14-years-old and she has a set of pipes like this. This is pretty rare, and her stunning cover of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" proves there's a lot more we can expect from this teen in years to come.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 11:26
Cycling down hill is exhilarating. It's also scary because there's always the unexpected, but Silas Patlove would never have expected a deer to pop out from the bush in front of him.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 11:24
The ghost of the late Maria Jose Alvarado who was murdered earlier by her sister's jealous boyfriend appeared during the introduction of Miss World 2014. A local Honduras newspaper claimed that a silhouette appeared behind Miss Haiti, and another arieal view showed that there's an extra contestant behind other contestants.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 11:11
Whether you're training for an event this year or are simply struggling to get your nutrition right for exercise, these are top 11 foods that runners need every week for good health and top performance.   Read more
FITNESS TIPS  Dec 18, 2014 11:10
We’ve all been on there on Christmas, eagerly waiting in anticipation to find out what your nearest and dearest have bought you this year. There is no better sight than seeing the face of someone you’ve got a gift for light up with joy as they rip off the wrapping paper and see what is in side.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 11:08
Kobe Bryant has passed Michael Jordan's mark of 32,292 points with 32,293 points, making him the 3rd all time scorer in the NBA. He's still young, and have many more games to go, which could very well earn him a spot even higher than where he is right now.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:29
Rosie Roff is known for having one of the most controversial Instagram pages. And since Instagram recently imposed a ban on nudity, and many of her pictures feature her butt, it's only a matter of time before most of them are gone from this world. So check out the hottest we've found so far. Stat!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:28
Remember the woman who slapped herself with raw meat to make music? Here's a vegetarian follow-up to that, using only veges. That's right. She's not leaving this food group behind.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:28
Derby could never really run his entire life. He was born with deformed front legs. So to help him finally realize the joy of running, his humans and a 3D printing company designed a special loop-shaped prosthetic to let him do what he'd always wanted: run.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Dec 17, 2014 23:21
Megatron has a thing or two to say about selfies but to sum it up: he freaking hates them. And he especially hates when people try to take one in front of him. It makes him so mad, he flips off just like that. Watch the hilarious video below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:21
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