There's nothing really special about swimsuits, but these 12 have been some of the most iconic moments of it worn. From Kate Upton to Kim Kardashian and to Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson, check out the list after the jump:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jul 24, 2014 09:40
Not everyone who is homeless are lazy, crazy, criminals or dangerous people. Some of them are really just down on their luck. Rethink Homelessness wanted people to see them from a different angle and that they are really just like everyone else but have fallen on hard times. They created this video of homeless people telling their stories on a piece of cardboard. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jul 24, 2014 09:40
Assassin’s Creed's sequel - Assassin’s Creed Unity, is set to debut at the end of October. So Devin Supertramp teamed up with Ubisoft with some parkour masters to create this video. Watch as they jump around a modern day city.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jul 24, 2014 09:40
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