Latest Dog Grooming Trend: Square Face. Round Face.

As far as haircuts go, this one here is probably the cutest by far. Trendy dog owners and pet groomers in Taiwan are now giving their dogs this painfully cute and shapely haircut. Either round cuts or square cuts!

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Don't want just any ordinary kind of high chair for your little one? How about this one: a Hulkbuster kind! In this episode of Super-Fan Builds, this custom Iron Man Hulkbuster High Chair will make you wish it was for adults too.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Apr 28, 2015 11:26
If ever Iggy Azalea decides to hang up her incoherent mess rapping style, she can definitely look at becoming a model instead. Not a supermodel, but maybe just A model. Australian company Bonds decided to tap her now-known-augmented chest and weirdly shaped behind for a campaign. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 11:26
Spotify released an interesting chart based on a person's taste in music relative to their age and they concluded that their taste changes with age and there's a certain time period where they'll start listening to pop music once again after abandoning it years earlier.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 11:26
The Apple Watch is for sale already, and now Cupertino has unveiled three new advertisements showing how its watch can improve your life, just in case you didn't know. Plus it's good too because we were all wondering, actually! Check it out below:  Read more
TECH NEWS  Apr 28, 2015 11:26
Warning: don't watch this unless you're planning on maintaining a bo-nerd until the end of the day. This Marvel universe supercut will do that to you. All this, while you're still reeling from the excitement and awesomeness of Avengers: Age of Ultron earlier this week.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 11:25
In some weird news of the day, a woman decided that human companionship wasn't good enough for her, so instead of having a fiance, she decided to dump him for the 16 creepy dolls she has. April Brucker told her boyfriend that he came between her puppets and that was the end of their relationship.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 11:25
Here's a very simple add on for the iPad that instantly makes you into an artist with precision and perfection. It helps you trace and draw out images you'd never think possible if you just left everything to freehand. Check it out after the jump.  Read more
GEEK ART  Apr 28, 2015 10:54
It's hard enough to pay attention at dinner without looking at a screen these days since everyone's addicted to a device. This one dad had the perfect way to get everyone on the dinner table to put their phones down.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 10:54
Nearly all clothing today is made overseas. China, Bangladesh, the list goes on. The reason for that is because labor is cheap. John Oliver decides to laser focus in on this topic in this latest segment. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 10:53
If your objective of going to the gym is to flirt and show off, then don't go. Because there are a lot of people who are there for one other purpose: to get fit and stay healthy. Here's a video showing you the kind of person you don't want to be at the gym. Check it out!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 10:53
Everyone knows how to ride a bike, but what if what you know to be true is twisted and turned around the opposite direction? If turning left, means turning right, and vice versa, would your brain be able to handle this? Check out this interesting video below:  Read more
GEEK ART  Apr 28, 2015 10:53
Want to go for a quick surf before your office meeting but don't have the time to change? Why don't you go in your business suit instead? Quiksilver made a wetsuit that looks exactly like a business suit. Of course, they didn't mention whether or not it would dry in time for that meeting you have. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 10:53
What constitutes romanticism? Is it this song? Titled 'Tonight I'm Gonna Eat the Butt,' doesn't exactly sound like a true ringer to putting your heart on your sleeve, but it does make for a catchy tune. Check out the music video after the jump.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 10:53
Gameplay trailers are getting better at each turn, and now we're checking out Call of Duty's Black Ops III. It shows off the gameplay and you'll almost be fooled to think this is for a movie or something. Should it be? Check it out below:  Read more
Single gender schools may be fun at times, but here's what happens when a bunch of girls come to an all boys school to perform. Needless to say, it's almost as if these boys haven't seen the opposite sex in a very long time.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 10:53
How does every different nationality react when they are in the sack? Here's a hilarious video mocking the many different kinds of people from all over the world while they're doing the deed.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 10:53
Jimmy Fallon has a new game, which we think Spike might steal once more if it becomes insanely popular. Called 'Nonsense Karaoke,' the goal of this game is to sing all the wrong words. This is Jimmy with his guest star, Chris Pratt performing for you.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 10:53
Do you remember what it was like when Belle started singing in The Beauty and the Beast? It was magical! It was fun! It was full of love. But here's a different twist to it all. This is an NSFW musical version that's very different from what you remember when you were a kid.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 10:53
Awkward is the new cute. And it turns out, it might just be the new modus operandi for pick up artists. Here's a video showing just how awkward guys can pick up girls. Will it work it in real life? What do you think? Watch the video below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 28, 2015 10:53
How fast can the World Record for Rubik's Cube get? Now it's been broken by Collin Burns, His record is at 5.253 seconds. That's pretty damn insanely fast. Seriously.  Read more
GEEK ART  Apr 27, 2015 12:19
Hilary Duff is hot once more, and it seems someone is now claiming she's on Tinder. There's even a screenshot of it on Reddit. Could it be photoshopped? What do you think? Is she using Tinder to pick guys up?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 27, 2015 12:13
Earrings are lovely accessories. And we can't get enough of it. A Sydney artist has just designed a line of jewelry that looks just like...vaginas. Really. It even has beads on it.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 27, 2015 12:13
We don't know why Leonardo DiCaprio would need Tinder to attract babes to him. He is after all, a natural human babe magnet. But if true, he could be using Tinder to flirt with regular girls, because models and celebrities are just too boring already.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 27, 2015 11:59
How many cars have the Fast and Furious franchise totaled? The video below, compiled by Supercompressor features four minutes of 110 car crashes from the first six installments of the franchise. It doesn't include Furious 7, which we think would probably make the video end in a higher number.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 27, 2015 11:59
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