This is The Text Message That Can Crash Your iPhone

This text message has been going around and it can apparently crash your iPhone. We're not sure if it really works because we've not actually tried it out on anyone just yet, but that doesn't mean you should either.

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Not sure how you can insult someone? Take some lessons from Gordon Ramsay. The infamous foul-mouthed chef is famous for his expletives. And perhaps, it's because of his accent, that everything he says actually sounds painful and funny. At the same time. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 13:07
You only have less than 3 minutes to impress someone. So with that in mind, you'll have to come up with some really killer elevator pitch. How do you do it? The elevator pitch can apply not just to people who want to make an impression on someone else, but to just about anyone or even a company. This infographic sums up everything you need to make a really good one.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:40
Now that Beyonce's dancing is a meme, someone decided that it would also suit the DuckTales theme. And it did! Check out the video below. It'll make you pretty damn confused. Pretty, damn confused.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:40
How do you stand out from another vendor selling some street food? You make yours erotic and sexual looking of course. We're not sure if it's actually tasty, but how it looks like will kinda shock you. Check it out below.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:24
We speak with our bodies 90% of the time. So this sign language performance to Eminem's Lose Yourself is perfect, since, that song is just chock full of energy. What better way to really bring out all of that but by some sign language? Check out this woman's performance:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:23
Ana Cheri is a model you'll want to follow on Instagram. Not just because she's incredibly sexy, but also because she's just one heck of a gymspirational person. Ana Cheri posted a couple of workout videos showing how she maintains her figure, and it's something you might want to try out later. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:23
Bonnie McKee just got the stamp of approval from Katy Perry because she's got a combo of what everyone loves on the Internet - some hot buns and a good song. Basically, Katy Perry went all bro to highlight this to everyone.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:23
The perfect timing makes the perfect picture. Here are some 20 examples of that making some of the most amazing pictures you'll ever see. Are these people lucky? Or do they have some incredible shutter speed setting turned on? Check it out in the list below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:10
It seems that after Mia Khalifa shot to fame online, more and more attention is being paid to porn. And not the kind that's paid in secret. They're all out in the open now. Here are the 10 hottest porn stars of the season, apparently.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:09
It's not always easy to make a winning profile on Tinder, so most of the time you'll be seeing awkward looking ones. Still, a good profile picture will get you the right swipe. So how awkward is awkward? Check out the gallery below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:09
It's finally Friday and there's just a couple more hours away before it's time to leave work where it belongs: at work. In time for that is this gallery of 10 hot Asian women to help you get through work this Friday. Check out the gallery below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:09
A new Internet challenge has been issued, and a lot of women are taking part in it. It's also going viral for obvious reasons. The aim is not just to show that boobs can hold things but also to benefit cancer research in the form of raising awareness.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:09
The Kickstarter funded action film Kung Fury, an over the top 80s action comedy just got real. Now you can actually watch it too. The story is about a Kung Fu renegade cop that travels back in time to kill his nemesis, Hitler.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:09
Finally! FIFA 16 has added female nation teams to the game for the first time ever. Female footballers are finally getting some more attention via the game. Check out the trailer below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 29, 2015 12:08
At Palau's Jellyfish lake, you can find millions of them swimming around. But their sting is so mild, it's almost undetectable, so swimming through the lake with them is actually a possibility.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 28, 2015 19:31
There are a few things that worry Bill Gates, and if it worries him, it should worry you too. The one thing that he's afraid of could kill 33 million people in less than a year. It's not a nuclear fallout, but rather this disease.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 28, 2015 19:27
This might just be for a game show but can you imagine just how weird this would be if you did it in real-life too? This Japanese game show got contestants to taste a melon in the most sexual way you can imagine.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 28, 2015 19:21
For many people, stress is a major problem. With a hectic job, chaotic family lifestyle and bills to worry about, it’s no wonder we are so stressed out.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 28, 2015 19:18
It's just one, non-stop party with a lot of chicks in it. Enviable? Sure. Who are we kidding? This guy looks like he's having the time of his life. Check out his Instagram below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 28, 2015 17:06
Beyonce has finally become a meme. At least, her dancing has! Twitter user @MascotMY_Tweets, created the hashtag #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat to highlight how the singer’s impeccable dance skills. There's proof too.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 28, 2015 16:59
Bikini Warriors is the next anticipated upcoming anime that, according to the show's official website, has no point in watching for anything other than the art of mammary drawing. So basically, it's all about anime breasts.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 28, 2015 16:59
When it's time to sleep, it's time to sleep. Kids need to nap. If you don't give them a nap, they'll be cranky and really hard to deal with. But the good news is that, they can nap just about anywhere. If only it was this easy at night too.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 28, 2015 12:36
Take away the music in Rihanna's 'Stay' video and you're left with what looks like a very uncomfortable bath. Does she not like taking baths? Do baths really have to be this uncomfortable? Let's have the music back on please. Check out the video below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 28, 2015 12:28
How do you make twerking even weirder than it already is? You get the people twerking to wear something over their heads, basically covering up their faces and half their bodies. The result is this super weird music video, that will make you wonder if you're looking at a girl, or a guy, twerk.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 28, 2015 12:25
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