Starring: Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, Shelley Winters, Frieda Inescort
Director: George Stevens
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Rating: NR
Genre: Drama
Release Date: August 28, 1951
Oscar Winner: Won 6 Oscars in 1952


George Stevens won an Oscar for his 1951 adaptation of Theodore Dreiser's novel An American Tragedy, though the film seems a little overwrought today and even self-parodying at times. Still, Montgomery Clift's performance as a poor lad so drawn to a rich, beautiful girl (Elizabeth Taylor) that he contemplates killing his lower-class fiancée (Shelley Winters) is powerful, sympathetic, and mesmerizing. Taylor makes a strong impression, but Winters is awfully good in the less-glamorous role. The tone of the film is oppressive--the film doesn't exactly breathe with possibility--but there are lots of good reasons to give this movie a visit. --Tom Keogh