Despite what you've ever been told, you're at that point in your life, right now, when applying a very sharp object to your face becomes a good idea. Respect that razor, and it will treat you well. Disrespect it, and it'll cut you like...well...It will cut you. It's sharp enough to be cliche.

Alrighty, you're about to shave, but wait, you don't know how? Or you do, but you need some pointers. And you definitely don't want any funny little bumps. We'll guide you step by step here:

Step 1
The best time to shave is when your just get out of the shower, because it helps soften up the hair on your face. An alternative is to take that cloth from before, soak it in hot water, and let it spend some time on your face.

Step 2
This is important. Run your hand all over where you intend to shave, in a few directions. You might notice that your hair has a grain, and it's smooth to run your hand one way, rough the other. Remember the grain of various areas, and it'll make your life easier. It's a key to not getting razor bumps.

Step 3
All done? Dollop some shaving cream into your hand. Go on, don't be shy. Slather it all between your hands and rub it onto your face anywhere you'd like the hair to be gone. Aside from lubricating your skin, it's also helpful in seeing where you've still got to shave.

Step 4
Important tip! Always, Always, Always move the razor in a perpendicular direction to the blades. That is, never slide it sideways, always in the direction of that handle. And keep it flat. Do this and you shouldn't cut yourself lest you go over a weird rumple in your face. Or cut the top off a zit. Don't worry, that doesn't hurt, and you'll barely notice.

The variety of shavers ranges from blades to straight razor. Alas, for all their ease and convenience, the latter doesn't shave near as close as blade. It might be worth noting too that the blades tend to be expensive, but don't need to be replaced as often.

Pretty much all of these us a proprietary cartridge that you replace once in a while. I had a Gillette Mach 3 once, and boy it's great!

Shaving cream brushes. They really help that stuff penetrate the hair. I don't own one because I'm cheap, but have gotten the chance to use one. It's simple, you just use it to apply the cream.

Source: Shaving 101