What is considered as art these days? They aren't your portrait pictures of someone, or some incredible abstract art with technicolors all around. It isn't something that's particularly mind-blowing either. In fact. It's downright, super simple looking stuff. This gallery will make you regret not paying attention in art class in school.

Blue painting with a white stripe down the middle titled “Onement Vi” by Barnett Newman - $43.8 million

Blood Red Mirror by Gerhard Richter – $1.1 Million

Concetto spaziale, Attese by Lucio Fontana – $1.5 Million

Green White by Ellsworth Kelly – $1.6 Million

Untitled (1961) by Mark Rothko – $28 Million

Untiled (Stoffbild) by Blinky Palermo – $1.7 Million

Peinture (Le Chien) by Joan Miro – $2.2 Million

White Fire I by Barnett Newman – $3.8 Million

Untitled (1970) by Cy Twombly – $69.6 Million

Cowboy by Ellsworth Kelly – $1.7 Million

Blue Fool by Christopher Wool – $5 Million

Riot (1990) by Christopher Wool – $29.9 Million

Black Fire 1 by Barnett Newman – $84.2 Million

Orange, Red, Yellow by Mark Rothko – $86.9 Million

Anna’s Light by Barnett Newman – $105.7 Millio