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People are never sure if they should or should not get a lawyer in any case and common misconceptions often advise them to not get one.   Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 28, 2020 16:45
Trees are great for the environment, but they can also be problematic for people living close to them. Trees can sometimes cause damage to the properties around them, thus causing them to be cut down. Given that trees are expensive to cut down, one of the most common questions people ask is, "Can I get a tree cut down for free?". Although it is possible to find someone who may be willing to cut down a tree for free, most people do it in exchange for the wood. Find local lumber mills or hardwood dealers and ask them to cut down the tree. If the tree is blocking a government property like an electric line, you may also contact the responsible institution, such as the power company and have them take it down for free.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 28, 2020 16:45
Here's a fixed-gear commuter bike with a twist - it uses two identically shaped frames to form its body. The frames are made from stainless steel, and they flank the wheels when it comes together at the bottom bracket and head tube to create what looks like a normal bicycle.  Read more
STYLE BLOG  Feb 28, 2020 16:30
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