If your aim is to have a better time in the bed, then this sex study will tell you what you need to do. Done by Peter Jonason from the University of West Florida, who surveyed 279 college students who had participated in booty calls, one night stands, and committed relationships over the course of the year.

He found that people who had booty calls, aka, friends with benefits, typically had better sex.

According to Livescience:

The team found that overall, emotional acts were less common in booty-call relationships compared with serious long-term relationships. On the other hand, sex acts were more common in booty-call relationships than in one-night stands, probably because the reoccurring nature of booty calls means more time for trying new things, the researchers suspect.

“It’s unlikely that a guy and a girl who meet at a nightclub tonight are going to go home and play, let’s say, dress-up,” Jonason said. “If they try something freaky, they may lose all chance of a sexual encounter with the other person.”

Surprisingly, he said, people who’d been in one-night stands reported more emotional acts than sexual acts, much like people in long-term relationships. The finding could be a result of the small sample size, or due to the revved-up nature of one-night stands.

“Emotional acts like kissing and hand-holding function as foreplay and act to escalate the relationship, in a very quick fashion, to sex,” Jonason said. “You have to get from zero to 60 in a really short time.”

So in other words, if you're looking for more fun, you need to find that friend, with benefits.