If it's numbers you need, then China is the place to be. After all, with one too many people there, you won't really bother about the amount of times someone shoots your date request down. Here are the apps that people in China use to hook up. And date.

Tinder went on a Twitter rage when Vanity Fair gave them a article burn, saying its report was biased. They also said that they have a lot of users in China.

But do Chinese people use Tinder?

Not really.

Most people use Momo. It launched one year before Tinder in 2011. It's also the most downloaded dating app in China between January and March this year. They claim to have 180 million users worldwide.

There's also Tantan. A Tinder ripoff.

And there's Qing Chi Fan. It lets one buy a meal for another with "credits" they paid for.

In fact, there are so many more apps that the Chinese use before they get to Tinder. This one here is Liuliu, which sets up pet owners with one another.

And Blued for gay people.

Too many you see. So what is Tinder talking about?

Tinder does have a market in China. Over 600,000 foreigners who live there and can afford VPN services to get around their firewall.