Contrary to popular belief, online dating does work. But every once in a while, you might be unlucky to have interaction with a douchebag. Or someone who's just not smooth at all. In Tinder's case, don't think every right-swipe is a win. Here are some people who probably won't be able to find a date on Tinder anytime soon.

1. It's not about the wardrobe.

2. The lamester.

3. This is a good joke actually.

4. Why so rude?

5. He ruined it in an instant.

6. This person is probably very anal.

7. The guy who doesn't want conversation.

8. The guy who has a fetish.

9. Pulled the punchline too soon.

10. Could have started with 'Hi'.

11. This guy knows his manners.

12. This ostrich.

13. Poor Michael ain't going to get laid until he's 45.

14. The guy who can multitask.

15. Age gap.

16. The dog is more attractive.

17. Well, they were both gross.

18. That's a big gamble.

19. Save-fail.

20. Changing topics.

21. At least this guy is cordial.