Friends and How I Met Your Mother are two different shows, right? We've known for a long time that the two have always drawn similar stories. But after the end of this post, you'll agree, they are essentially the same show.

Let's start with the basics. It starts in New York:

They've got a go-to place where they meet and hang out all the time.

The pilot episode for both shows seem like they were written by the same guy.

That's the beginning of their love story.

To make more seasons, they need to break up.

And occasionally get back together to keep the viewers and fans in check.

Both Ross and Ted have geeky jobs.

They later become professors in their field.

They both banged their students.

They are both kinda annoying too.

Then there's the guy who's always banging chicks.

Barney's character takes banging to another level of course.

Then there's the joker of the group. The funny guy. The straight guy. The honest guy.

Among the friends that hang out together, he'll get married to one of them early in the seasons.

And the womanizer solemnizes their marriage.

Monica and Lily are pretty much the same person.

For boring reasons we won't explain.

Their love story is just filler for the show.

Other similarities include Cristine Rose, who plays a mom in both Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

And this girl who was dumped on her birthday in both shows.

Then there's the tumultuous love story:

Ross and Rachel:

Ted and Robin

He's always emotional and intense. Which is probably why the women break up with them later.

And then, the womanizer in the group starts to have feelings for his best friend's ex.

Joey makes out with Rachel.

Barney actually marries Robin.

But eventually, the shows take one big turn back to where we all started.

Ross and Rachel

Ted and Robin.

Seriously, is this the same show or what?