Chinese New Year has come and gone, but it isn't too late to learn how to play these drinking games. If you're Asian, you'll probably recognize some of them.

The fun really begins when you and/or your friends start to get drunk. It's mayhem from then on. Here are just some of the more common drinking games:

"Horse Race" (requires card deck)

Players gamble on what suit of cards will essentially win a "horse race." The Ace from each suit represents the horse which moves up as the "announcer" draws randomly from a deck. Losers must drink double the amount of alcohol wagered, while the winner gets to assign their drink to someone else.

"Up the River, Down the River" (requires card deck)

There are many variations to this game. The common one involves players guessing the cards the dealer deals out. A correct guess allows the player to skip the drinks and an incorrect answer forces the player to drink up. Different rounds call for a different amount of drinks passed out or taken.

The cards dealt by the dealer form two lines (or 'rivers') with four cards in each line. The line on the left is the give pile and the line on the right is the take pile. The first card is worth one drink, second is worth two drinks, third is worth three drinks, and the last card is worth four drinks (it all depends on your preference).

There isn't really a winner to this game as the main goal is for everyone playing to get drunk and have fun (see video clip above).


Short for 0-10-15-20, this game is about predicting your opponents next move, and it's as easy as counting the fingers on your hands.

Players alternate guessing the number of fingers extended on all players’ hands: 0 for both players having closed fists, 20 for both players having open hands, and 10 and 15 for all the combinations in between. If a player guesses a call correctly twice, the other player takes a drink.

Each person takes turns to shout out a number (The Call) from the possible combinations while at the same time showing a possible combination of hands (The Show). If a player manages to call out a number that corresponds to the correct hand combination, the other player drinks.

If the game involves more than two players, the caller rotates around the entire circle of players, and only one correct call is required to make everyone else drink. The number of available fingers changes and so the calls will have a wider range – 0-30 for 3 players, 0-40 for 4 players, and so on.

"Lying Dice" (requires a cup and three dice per player)

Each player is given a cup and some dice. Everyone then shakes their respective cup without looking at their own dices. The first player makes a guess, the number of die allowed to call has a minimum depending on the number of players. Another player calls the guesser's "bluff."

Everyone reveals their dice and the number is counted. If the number equals or exceeds the guess, the person who calls the bluff has to drink. If it's less than the guess, the person who made the guess has to drink. If no one calls bluff during the round, the next player gets to guess.

"007 Bang"

At the start the game, point at someone and say "0," that person must point at someone and say "0," next person must point at someone and say "7," final person must point at someone and say "BANG!" while the person seated on the left and right must put both hands up and say "AHHH!!"

Losers take a shot of alcohol if they do not follow the proper 0-0-7-BANG order, did not say "AHHH!!" fast enough, are too slow, or broke the rhythm.

Remember, while it's fun to get wasted every now and then, that doesn't mean you can't drink responsibly. So if you're going to attempt any of the above, be sure to call a cab when it's time to head home!