So you've purchased an engagement ring and you're ready to propose in New York, where should you go? No one wants to be a cliche when it comes to proposing. Make your proposal memorable by proposing somewhere beautiful but out of the norm. Just like weddings, there are proposal planners who can help you give your loved one the proposal of their dreams!

Broadway Show
Proposing on stage at a broadway show is possible, but it takes some planning. Proposals are typically done when the show is over and the actors are taking their bows. You can't just buy Book of Mormon Tickets and show up to this Tony award-winning show expecting to go up on stage in front of hundreds of people and propose unannounced. Call the show manager and ask if you can go up on stage for your romantic gesture.

Pier A
If you want your engagement photos to have the Statue of Liberty in the background without the crowds of people, head down to Pier A. The historical pier was recently renovated and features several restaurants both casual and fancy, that have a clear view of the monumental statue.

Central Park Lake
If you're looking for a quiet, romantic place to propose head down to Central Park and rent a paddleboat. Boat off into the sunset, enjoy the scenery, and when the time is right, pop the question! If you're afraid of dropping your lab-created diamond ring in the water, try proposing at a beautiful spot alongside the lake.

AMC Village 7 Theater
I know what you're thinking, why should I propose in a regular movie theater? Normally a theater wouldn't be the ideal place for a proposal, but the AMC Village 7 Theater allows you to showcase your own proposal movie trailer before a featured film!

Alphabet City Community Gardens
If your partner is a fan of gardening or flowers in general, take a romantic stroll through the Alphabet City Community gardens and pop the question. When your partner says yes, head down to one of the area's restaurants to toast your engagement!

The Little Red Lighthouse
The Little Red Lighthouse was almost demolished in 1931, but when the plans for the demolition were made public the city put forth an effort to save the lighthouse. There is even a children's book called "The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge," which was partly responsible for saving the landmark. If you're looking for a place to propose that is backed by a meaning, The Little Red Lighthouse is the place to do it! Your proposal can be symbolic of the fight for an everlasting marriage.

Rooftop Proposal
Rooftop proposals are fancy and accommodating. Order custom floral arrangements, add special lighting, or even candle arrangements to your rooftop. Renting a rooftop can be pricey, but you can bring your costs down by purchasing a lab-created diamond engagement ring.

There are various styles of high-quality lab created diamond engagement rings that come in a variety of cuts and designs including Tiffany. There's a lab-created diamond engagement ring style for everyone available at a lower price. Your fiancé will enjoy the style and elegance of the ring and you'll be able to give them the rooftop proposal that is made from dreams!

Be sure to find out what your partner considers a romantic gesture before you start planning your engagement. Ask their friends about their likes and wants. If they are in love with musical comedy shows, what better show to propose after than the Book of Mormon. Be spontaneous and give your partner the proposal of their dreams! Save money by buying a lab-created engagement ring and spring for a proposal planner for the dream proposal of a lifetime.