Millions of blogs hosted by suddenly went down for currently unknown reasons this morning. Not only are blogs hosted on down, but even WordPress VIP blogs are out of commission as well.

The guys running the show quickly tweeted at @@Wordpressdotcom:

"We are working on restoring as quickly as possible."

"We've isolated the issue on, and we are working on a fix."

An hour after the problem started, blogs were back up. Founder/CEO Matt Mullenweg tweeted this:

"The vast majority of blogs are back up, bringing up the rest over the next few minutes after we verify them."

However, this sense of calm didn't last long. and most of its blogs have since gone back down, less than an hour after they were brought back online.

Until these guys finally fix the problem, we suggest that all bloggers to just go outside, get some fresh air and stop freaking out over something they have no control of! Sheesh!