We will help you quit smoking and transition to vaping. Read our updated 2019 guide on how to quit smoking and start vaping in these 5 easy steps:

If you are wanting to quit smoking, vaping the right device with the right juice can provide the same kind of satisfaction as cigarettes. The added benefit is a seriously wide range of flavors to choose from. But while vape kits on the market have significantly improved over the years and made it easier to change a smoker, there is still a learning process that new vapers need to go through to get the best out of their TC mod when they start vaping.

So, we decided to help: Here's how a smoker can switch to vaping in five easy steps.

1. Choose your experience

Before you buy, think about exactly why you like smoking and how it can affect your choice of vape? Vape can be as enjoyable and satisfying as smoking, and is so versatile that you can have many different experiences with the various combinations of vape and juice kits. 

2. Choose your device

So you decided what kind of vaper you would like to be. Before thinking about flavors, you should look through our selection of complete kits and determine which type of device fits you best. If you are after great nicotine satisfaction, we recommend that you choose something that uses a heating element (known as a coil or wick) with a high level of resistance (we'll talk about what that means in the accessories section). Want to know one of the best devices? Click here: Augvape VTEC1.8 Box Mod.       

With these devices - which are less energy hungry - you will be able to use high nicotine liquids (we'll talk about what constitutes "high" in the next section). These devices are often (but not always) smaller and more discreet, and as they are less hungry, batteries tend to last longer. You'll still have a fair amount of steam, but they won't produce the huge clouds you can get from larger, more powerful vapes. They are an excellent choice for situations where you would prefer to vaporize discreetly and without everyone noticing.                 
But if what you want is big clouds, you should select a device with a coil or wick that has low resistance. These types of devices are more energy hungry, which means they are usually larger to meet the need for larger batteries. The tank - or the reservoir where the liquid is heated - also tends to be larger. This is because coils with lower resistance vaporize more juice per blow. And that means more steam and big clouds!

3. Choose your juice

Juice - also known as liquid, eliquid, essence and all sorts of other names - is essentially a liquid consisting of a "humectant" (propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin - this is what creates steam when you exhale), nicotine and flavorings. You put in your vape according to the instructions. Simple, really!
Buying juice for the first time can be a little intimidating, with so many to choose from and a dizzying array of brands. But when it comes to the crisis, there are only two decisions you need to make: how much nicotine do you want and what kind of flavors do you like?

4. Choose the right parts

To get the most out of your new device, you'll need two important replacement parts: coils and batteries - although you only need spare batteries for devices where the batteries are replaceable.
Coils are the most important and apply to any type of device. These small heating elements are included in all devices; They are inside the tank and you need to replace them regularly according to your device's instructions. The coils wear out over time: the constant heating and cooling process leads to steam developing a bitter taste.

5. Read the instructions and vape

This may seem like an obvious point, but make sure you read the instructions that came with your device. This ensures that you complete the initial steps so that your first vape gives you the satisfaction you are looking for. Once completed, do not do so immediately; Leave for five minutes to ensure the coil is completely covered with liquid. This means that you will avoid a dry impact, which will give you a bad taste and will probably ruin your coil.

Once you have done all this, you are ready to start vaping. Within a few days, we're sure you'll enjoy being a vaper a lot more than you would like to be a smoker. Don’t forget to buy only quality vaping tools. We recommend you to buy from Vapeciga.com. Thank you for reading!