The ICOs are getting back on their legs and they will continue to grow this year. ICOs offer token sale and investors hope to get the profit when ICO appears in the cryptocurrency exchange.  There are many ICOs that are getting the popularity in the financial market.  Hence you might be interested in checking the top 3 ICOs for investment in 2018.

What is ICO?

ICO is the abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering. It means that company issues the ICO according to which the investors get tokens in the exchange of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Since 2013 ICOs are funding the capital in the companies. 

With the success of cryptocurrencies, ICOs are more and more use of funds for the development of the project. ICO is not only revolutionizing the currency but also changing the whole financial system. 

In fact, ICO is the analog for IPO but there are significant differences. Let’s look at them.
1.  IPO refers to shares whereas ICO refers to tokens. 
2.  ICO is not abided by rules and regulations but the IPO is abided by clear regulations.
3.  In IPO the number of shares is issued by company creators. On the other hand, the number of tokens in ICO is issued by smart contractors.
4.  The value of ICO is dependent on the performance of the product whereas, in the IPO, the value of shares depends on the dividends/ performance of the company. 

ICO process can have the several stages. First of all, the whitepaper is released having the problem and proposed workable solution. Then there is an explanation of the purpose of token along with terms and conditions to use it. There should be a good team of advisors. Then there is a launching of successful ICO.   There is a website listing the complete details of pre and post ICO process.  Marketing of this ICO is essential to make the people aware of the investing solution. 

Here is the list of most promising ICOs in 2018 and how to spot them. 

1. Cypherium
It is the successor of Ethereum and based on the protocol level of blockchain technology. It is highly scalable and reliable for performing thousands of transactions per second or more.  There is the multi-level governance system to project evolution. This ICO is based on the proof of work (PoW). It is optimized for both the chain scalability and mineability through PBFT or PoW consensus mechanism. 

The process starts with the validation of nodes proposes by the leader. The blockchain accepts the block. The new block then broadcast to all the nodes.  The nodes without PoW gets rejected.  Thus, it separates the PoW nodes in the transaction process.  Distributed protocol upgrades all the nodes. This is the foundation of the governance model.  There is a dedicated team having the prior experience in cryptography from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. 

2.  Rentberry
It is the decentralized long term rental platform becoming popular since 2015. The platform is powerful enough to handle all the stages of the rental process from signing the contract to paying the rent. It has proved to be the time saver for both owners as well as the tenant. In fact, tenants can save thousands of dollars in rental security deposits through smart contracts in the blockchain technology.

3. Feelium 
Feelium uses smart contract and optional escrow account which helps in secured and fast transactions. It facilitates the global trade and buyer and seller can use the Feelium blockchain to create the customizable smart contract. Platform removes the need for the trust between buyers and seller.  The smart contract can use for both B2B and B2C. The escrow account provides the hassle-free payments.  The users get the quick access token key that allows transferring and enables users to access the Feelium platform.

4. Experty
It provides the payment solutions to experts, consumer or consultants encouraging the adoption of cryptocurrency at the global level with an easy application. This can provide instant access to the phone numbers of strangers and answer their calls from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world.  The answers to the call are made by experts instantly. It also allows the payments to be paid instantly on the call through smart contract system.

5.  NAU
It uses the digital coupons to connect with retailers by use of mobile phones and geolocation. The NAU ICO aims to launch a new platform that connects the retailers and consumers in the unique way that has never done before. 

Last Thoughts
Investing in the ICO is not easy and difficult to pick the winner out of the different ICOs. The success of ICO is mainly based on the product’s value. The list of ICOs mentioned above offer the unique and innovative solution to an existing market and it is the worth keeping an eye on these ICOs in 2018. So invest in them and earn the profits in the digital economy.