Thanks to technology, making coffee is no longer something as simple as pouring it in a cup and just adding hot water. Below are a couple of exciting coffee machine concepts that will make you eager to come up with your own special brew:

This "Invergo" was designed by a teen named Cameron Hughes, who is currently raising money on Kickstarter right now to help get it into production.

Espresso Waker is inspired by an egg timer in which it counts down the seconds while brewing that perfect cup of joe.

This gaping egg comes from Czech designer Martin Necas.

A wand-like device that can measure and adjust your coffee's acidity, making it healthier to drink.

Place the Kuerig pod at the top of the fake flower and watch it "bloom" while you wait for your coffee.

This one is solar powered, which means no worrying about not having coffee during a sudden blackout.

Kamil Kurka's design is what we imagine Darth Vader's coffee machine would look like.

Look at those angles. Designed by Alexander Yakushin, this machine could easily pass off as a Transformer in disguise.

This one comes with its own fingerprint scanner to prevent others from messing with your machine.

Designed by Good News, this machine comes with its own integrated radio so that you can listen to tunes while you make coffee

How stylish is this? This hourglass-shaped machine would definitely look great in any kitchen.