Singer and producer Park Jin Young (JYP) recently revealed his own house.

On the April 30th episode of SBS “Healing Camp”, JYP finally revealed his home to public as the filming took place at his house.

The MCs could not hide their expressions of awe at JYP’s large, grass-covered courtyard, which even had a basketball court in one corner. JYP commented, “I had it specially made so I could exercise. But I’m having a trouble of getting rid of it when I move out since I’m leasing the house.”

The singer also introduced the routine he goes through everyday. As evidence of his love for sports and fitness, JYP showed his living room, which was filled with exercise equipment.

He said, “I exercise for two hours everyday. I have a structured manual that rotates every three days. I’ve exercised continuously for seventeen years.”

Also on this episode, JYP also talked about interesting behind stories of “SBS K-Pop Star”, JYP Entertainment’s artists, and his goal in life.

Source: Nate, Nate2