Imagine going to the doctor for a C-section, not knowing that they're hatching a devious plan that involves trying your tubes or worse. Then you should be grateful that you're not from Uzbekistan, a country where society looks favorably on a woman with a big family.

According to the BBC, they've uncovered a massive government-mandated program where doctors forced doctors to sterilize local women without their knowledge or consent. The program involves pressuring pregnant women to give birth via Caesarean Section before tying the necessary tubes after extracting the baby. In some cases, they're giving secret hysterectomies.  Tens of thousands of women have reportedly been affected, with no end in sight.

The Uzbek government came up with program in order to control population growth, and insists that the procedures are all voluntary. But according to the women who were victimized, they had no idea what was happening to them. In other cases, the women were coerced into agreeing to the procedure.

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