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It’s undeniably true that we often think of safari tours as all-family excursions or group tours into the heart of nature. Some people think that visiting the “the dark continent” alone is boring, lonely and unsafe. But ask any traveler who has dared to go on a sole African safari, and they will readily admit that the experience is liberating and heavenly.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 23, 2020 12:10
You have heard about preserving breast milk. Now you have found a new way to feed your baby. The baby does not have to hold onto your breast all the time. What a relief! Even your partner can resume the duty of feeding the baby when you are busy. Isn’t that wonderful? Everyone is involved in feeding.   Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 22, 2020 23:39
Everyone loves a surprise — until the surprise comes from a bank in the form of an unwanted fee. According to research from Moebs Services, reported by MarketWatch, Americans paid $34.3 billion in overdraft fees alone in 2017, with an average fee of $30.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 22, 2020 19:26
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