Why do you want to have kids again? Okay, so they're a real joy. But the other 99% of the time, they can be terror. Which makes raising kids one of the toughest jobs in the world. Here are 19 struggles only parents will understand.

1. Your pillows. No longer pillows.

2. This is probably the best family picture you can take.

3. Barfing. It happens. Sometimes, on you.

4. When you leave markers around at their reach.

5. Chaos!

6. It could be worse..

7. This is worse. We need waterproof phones!

8. At least it's on the floor?

9. How did this happen?

10. When you turn away for a moment..

11. Sometimes you gotta catch the vomit. In your hands.

12. Potty training fail.

13. The uncontrollable pee.

14. Sleeping soundly? Sure.

15. This is a nightmare.

16. When they discover the wonders of flushing.

17. Even the dog...

18. A good night's sleep? Dream on.

19. You can't have nice things.