Parenting is a competition. In that you strive to do less of the work since you probably have a partner to help you out. Parenting battles can be small funny victories, but at the end of the day, you know you're in this together. Check it out below:

1. When you get to eat in peace. And possibly enjoy your food, while your partner does all the work.

2. When you don't have to attempt complex assembly for baby toys.

3. When your partner offers their smartphone up instead of yours, risking...everything!

4. When you don't have to watch Mother Goose Club for the 2678th time.

5. When you don't want to be the bad cop for the day.

6. When you get to sleep in because it's your partner's time to get up first this time.

7. When it's not your turn to eat the remains of whatever your kid doesn't like.

8. When it's not your turn to change the diapers.

9. When you can finally relax because it's not your turn to feed the baby.

10. Who has to take the baby to the public toilet. This is a nightmare!

Parenting is fun. This is why it's all worth it: