These pictures are incredibly harmless, and are perfectly timed and somewhat unfortunate as well. The reason? Blame it on your filthy mind. Check them out:

1. This is just a puppy taking a nap.

2. Gyros are delicious.

3. Why did they include that image?

4. Two girls taking a selfie. Perfectly normal.

5. Granted, the illustrations don't really help too.

6. You laughed at in-shower facial.

7. These are just USB power strips. Nothing more!

8. Look closely!

9. It's all in the language used.

10. This prayers book.

11. This brother and sister fountain sculpture.

12. Perfectly timed photo?

13. This is just an art piece.

14. This broken iPhone back.

15. Unfortunate taxidermy.

16. This shop.

Your imagination is freaking wild.