Feeling stressed after staring at your smartphone and computer screen all day? This might seem counteractive, but why not use your device addiction to help you resolve all that stress while achieving mindfulness?

There are plenty of helpful apps readily available to help you feel more relaxed and centered. Of course, such apps aren’t the only solution for combating stress, but they can at least help by guiding you through steps on the path to mindfulness in order to restore peace and serenity in your life.

1. GPS 4 Soul

This simple app pairs guided meditation sessions with soothing visuals that will help to regulate your breathing technique. Also includes features like motivational tasks that will help you to work on self-acceptance.

2. Buddhify

Perfect for multi-taskers who can't seem to find enough free time just to relax. This tracking app allows you to select what you’re currently doing (working out, walking to work, etc) and syncs it with the perfect meditation track. 

3. Headspace

This slickly designed app provides 10-minute meditation sessions, with the first 10 days available free of charge. That way, even the busiest person can afford to spare ten minutes a day just to relax and focus on themself.

4. Stop, Breathe, and Think

This stylish-looking app lets you check in with how you actually feel and also prescribes a guided meditation program to match with your mood. You can use it for daily check-ins, tracking your progress, and feeling more calm.

5. Simply Being

A must-have for stressed out folks who really need to just switch off. Features include simple guided meditation sessions set against soothing sounds of nature. You can also choose from different meditation lengths to fit with your busy schedule.

6. Mindfulness Meditation

A good option for those really committed to becoming mindful and who also like being super organized. Features include an eight week program, body scans, and detailed instructions for relaxation.

7. Mindshift

This app is perfect for people who suffer from anxiety. There's a section that provides a comprehensive explanation of what anxiety actually is and why it happens; and it even provides 'Chill Out Tools' for coping with any sudden anxiety attacks.

8. The Mindfulness App

Users can choose from six different lengths of meditation practice which have been written and narrated by the author of Meditation for Dummies. Extra features include an eight week program, body scans, and detailed instructions for relaxation.