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With Wish WishWish, Carrie Santana da Silva offers her fans an inside glimpse into her globe-trotting lifestyle.  Since making her move a decade ago to London from the countryside, Carrie has created her blog as a platform and medium for documenting her new lifestyle.  Her blog also serves as her platform for sharing her experiences as well as the best places to travel to.

Over time her blog has expanded beyond just touring London.  These days Carrie chronicles her passion for visiting interesting places all over the world in addition to the most intriguing aspects that each of the destinations offers. She will typically share her thoughts on the restaurants and cuisines from the places she visits, and most important of all, her fashion inspirations and beauty tips from her destinations. 

Zero Dollar Movies

If you are searching for full-length movies, then Zero Dollar movies is your answer.  The website offers a large selection of over 15,000 full-length movies that you can watch.  There are also movies available in many different languages.  The interface is very easy to use and provide access to all of the movies that it has indexed on YouTube.

If you are searching for the best articles on anything ranging from pets to fashion, then you should definitely check out Lifestyle9, which provides a wide selection of the  most interesting content available on the internet today.  This website covers everything you could possibly want - as it covers the latest technology, world business, life hacks and more.  You should definitely check it out.

If you are searching for a way of improving your email address's security, then you should thinking about using  The service converts your email address into a custom short URL that is easy for you to share publicly while at the same negating the possibility of spam robots and email harvesters obtaining your email address.  It is definitely worth checking out.

Dumb Little Man

Despite its name, this website is actually very intelligent.  The name is used for inducing reverse psychology, since the website is not dumb at all and is instead full of life tips.  To a certain extent, learning things from the website helps you overcome any dumbness you might have.

Some of the topics covered by Dumb Little Man include success, money and happiness.  The website focuses on those subjects that we are most interested in.  After all, these are things as humans that we seek out the most.  In addition, unlike most of the other websites within this niche, this website has been designed to make consuming the content easy so that you can get motivated and inspired to lead a successful and happy life.

How-To Geek

This is definitely the age of the geek.  These days, most of us have an inner geek inside of us whether we want to admit to it or not.  If you are looking for a place to engage your inner, then look no further than How-To Geek. 

It is an online tech magazine that offers more than just tech news. In addition it features other interesting information that all geeks will love.  Everything contained on the website has been designed to be interesting and useful.

This geek website has been designed for geeks by geeks to provide a really geek feeling.  You will have a new appreciation for how great it is to be a geek after browsing through How-To Geek.

Digital Inspiration And Productivity

There is a wide range of websites in the productivity and inspiration niche.  Many claim they are the number one website to turn to when you are looking to be inspired.  However, not many of them have the content to really back up their claims.

Digital Inspiration has been specifically designed to inspire its readers.  It offers a traditional inspirational layout.  What really sets it apart from the competition is its content, which has new features incorporated into. In addition to inspiring you, it also offers online guides, productivity tools, technology news and much more.