You think the term 'crazy cat lady' is just an Internet thing, but it actually is real. Zaneta Hucikova, a model from Czech Republic forced an emergency landing on Sunday because her 'comfort cat' was taken away from her. The flight had 250 passengers on it. Talk about rude.

The Condor Airlines Flight staff said Hucikova snuck her cat inside her purse instead of checking it in a pet carrier.

When flight attendants found out the cat was on board, they took the animal away from her and put it in a bathroom.

It then sent the model into an epic meltdown.

According to a passenger:

“She said that she was part of the mafia and that the mafia follows her around the world and that she was able to bring the plane down if that needed to be the case if she couldn’t see her cat.

The model also hit one of the flight attendants, which was the reason why they had to do an emergency landing.

249 passengers had to wait 24 hours at the airport before they could depart again.

Crazy cat lady: