A female Colombian teacher has renamed herself as Abcdefg Hijklmn Opqrst Uvwxyz. You're not reading it wrong. She named herself with all 26 English alphabet letters. The British 'Daily Mail' reported that the 36 year-old female teacher who is residing in Bogota said she had to wait for 2 years for her new name to be approved by the bureau.

Ms. Opqrst Uvwxyz who is currently teaching in Art and Photography major at 3 universities has a passion in fashion design that she turns herself into a fashion designer. She decided to 'redefine' herself by changing her name into a very difficult one which she hoped would often surprise other people.

Prior this Opqrst Uvwxyz is known as Ladyzunga Cyborg. 

A Colombian official said, any names that fulfilled the requirements stated by the bureau would be approved, even when the name is very strange.