If there's a lesson these girls in the image above can teach us is that the easiest ways to go bat shit crazy is to:

1. Not have sex for 6 months.
2. Find out there's no more Guinness on Arthur's Day.

This viral video started spreading on social media yesterday evening when these two women went berserk at a faultless waiter for not bringing them their Guinness. Plus they look like they'd had a couple already. The no-sex girl's reactions were way over the top. And to throw a glass, verbally and physically abuse the waiter is just pure hooligan.

The diatribe continues, and the no-sex-lady's friend got in on the action with some inaudible words, simply because no-sex girl was the louder, more hysterical one.

We've made some calls to Beer Factory but have not gotten a response on whether this is real, or when and which outlet this event actually took place, but we'll be back when we have more details. So far, we've only heard the rumor that these girls were actresses, and this was not a real incident.

But if it was, we commend the waiter/manager for being ever so calm.



Bruce Dallas, marketing director of Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) released a statement saying:
The viral YouTube video posted on 12 September 2013 by user TheInsanelyhuman was not produced by GAB or any of our subsidiaries or agencies under our instructions, nor did we have any knowledge of the production of this video prior to its posting.

GAB has a Code of Marketing that governs all our commercial communications and it prohibits offensive marketing. All commercial communications go through a process with several levels of approval, and this video would not have passed through.

The video certainly does not reflect the spirit of Guinness or our upcoming Guinness Arthur's Day Celebration, where we hope consumers will join us to celebrate the legacy of Arthur Guinness and the people like him who make bold choices in life.
There still isn't any word on whether it's a marketing stunt by Beer Factory, or if it was a project totally unrelated to Guinness or the outlet.