David Beckham is the example of a perfect dad. His moments with daughter Harper are exceptionally adorable and heart melting. The father-daughter bond between the two is so strong, they do just about everything together. Here are 21 times you'll swoon over the perfect moments David shares with daughter.

1. He's got no qualms carrying her when she doesn't want to be in the pusher.

2. The way he looks at his daughter is all too adorable.

3. He doesn't care if you're looking. He'll kiss her whenever he wants.

4. And even when she doesn't want them:

5. But eventually she kisses back.

6. He takes her to games, but she's more interested in fitting her fist into his mouth. He obliges.

7. When she's done with that, she goes for his cheeks. He obliges:

8. She even gets to feed her dad.

9. When she's done with all of that, he lets her take his cap.

10. Because she looks just as good as dad with it too.

11. She apologizes for making him miss most of the game by kissing him. All is forgiven.

12. He's got nothing but love in his look for her.

13. She senses it and looks back at dad.

14. He hangs on tight to her to keep her warm.

15. And is always prepared for when she needs a sip of water.

16. He obviously doesn't really care about the games. He kisses her all the time.

17. You can tell she's very attached to daddy.

18. They even go for walks together.

19. He makes sure she's just as pretty as he is good looking.

20. He takes her out to fashion shows, and doesn't care if he's not the center of attention anymore.

21. He's totally in love with his daughter, and we're totally in love with him as a dad!