You can find a knockoff of just about anything in China. From gadgets to cars, to food and even makeup. While most are probably harmless, some can be potentially dangerous and harmful to consumers.

A line of fake makeup in China has been found to contain mercury, lead, arsenic, cyanide, human urine, and rat droppings. If that's not enough to scare you, we don't know what will.

Chinese counterfeit cosmetics are becoming a real concern because you don't have to be a scientist to know that putting those things on your face might cause severe side effects.

In some cases, the long-term damages could be disfigurement, high blood pressure, and infertility.

A warning and national alert issued by the City of London police said that a shipment of fake cosmetics from China contained over 4,700 imitation versions of brands like MAC.

Manufactured in Chinese laboratories and not tested, they are sold via eBay and Amazon to customers in the U.K. and Eastern Europe.