Here's one way to avoid getting your hands all greasy when greasing up a baking dish or pan before putting it in the oven: make your own Butter Pen!

The first thing you'll need is to take an empty and very clean roll-on deodorant container. You can wash it out very thoroughly using a toothbrush before letting it dry completely. Now you'll need a stick of melted butter which you can achieve by briefly sticking it in the microwave.

Finally, put the cap back on the deodorant stick and start filling it with butter from the bottom (requires a little bit of patience on your end). Once you're done, just leave it in the fridge overnight. Now you have a roll on stick of butter for all your fat-making needs that won't get your hands messy!

It's also a cheaper way alternative to those commercially available "greasing pens" you might find in a grocery store that are essentially the same thing, just packaged up and sold to you at a premium.