While you hope you never have to make that call, where will you turn if you need a criminal defense lawyer?

For millions of Americans, the thought of hiring a lawyer is something they’d rather not think about. Keep in mind that is not because many of them think lawyers are bad people. It is because hiring a lawyer signals problems for someone. In fact, those problems can become major life-changing events over time.

With that in mind, it is important when you need the services of a lawyer that you do your research.

Whether finding the best sexual assault lawyer or one in another practice area, don’t rush.

The last thing you want to do is select someone who is not cut out to represent you.

Among the areas to focus on:

· Experience – With young legal talent out there, legal counsel with experience is good. Be sure to research each lawyer you consider. You can do this in today’s digital age with some time spent on the Internet. Most law firms spend time putting out informative website material. This gives you the chance to learn as much as possible about their firms.

· Results – Having a proven track record of getting results for clients is crucial. Do your research to see if the lawyer you’re considering can back up their claims.

· Communication – It is important any lawyer you hire keeps you in the loop during your case. Having to chase after them is not your job. Make sure you get a good communication vibe when meeting with them.

Give Your Legal Team a Case to Work with

Once you have chosen a lawyer to represent you with your case, will you give them enough to work with?

Among the areas to cover:

· Evidence – First, how much evidence is there weighing against you? In some cases, the evidence is so thin that you and your legal counsel may have any easy time refuting it. In other cases, the evidence can be quite strong. Be sure to go over any and all evidence, looking for holes in a prosecutor’s case. For this, You are highly recommended to associate with The Law Offices of Todd Landgren

· Alibi – If you have a clear-cut alibi, make sure to review with your legal team. A time-stamped video showing you elsewhere at the time of the alleged crime is strong. Having credible witnesses placing you elsewhere is to your advantage.

· Alleged victim/s – While you never want to attack an alleged victim, creating doubt is the goal. Go over with your legal team whether the alleged victim has a history of making false allegations. If they do, that can weigh in a positive manner on your side.

Convictions Can Lead to Consequences

If convicted of a serious crime, the consequences can linger for many years down the road.

As an example, what if you’re currently searching for a new job?

When prospective employers go online and get wind of a serious conviction, they may back away. 

Even all the talent and skillset in the world may not be enough. If you accept a plea deal and do not end up doing serious jail time, finding work could prove quite problematic.

If the time has come to call a lawyer, will you make the right call?