Congratulations to Florence Colgate, who beat out 8,000 others for the title of the most beautiful woman in Great Britain thanks to her perfect face that matches up with the scientific ideal known as the Golden Ratio.

According to researchers at The Perception Lab, this 18 year-old has an almost perfectly symmetrical face: the ratio of the distance between her ears to the distance between her pupils is nearly 2:1. The distance between her eyes to her mouth is just under a third of the distance from her hairline to her chin. Her large eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and fair complexion are also "classic signs of beauty."

In addition to being crowned "Britain's most beautiful face," this part-time chip shop employee will be featured in a nationwide ad campaign for beauty and health retailer Superdrug. In regards to the win, Florence had this to say:
'Women should not have to feel that they have to wear make-up,' she said. 'I hope people will look at me and think they don't need to. I'm very happy with the way I look and I would never have any plastic surgery or Botox.'