The strange circumstances surrounding the possible suicide of a British citizen who was working in an international school in Abu Dhabi has raised much suspicion.

The body of Emma Jones, 24, had been discovered by her Iranian flatmate. Her passport was found in her jeans pocket and her clothes were on her bed ready for packing.

According to the victims mother Louise Rowlands, Emma was distressed over her ex-boyfriend, Jamie Brayley, who was said to have posted 'indecent' pictures of her on Facebook:

'He put a memory stick in the computer and copied some indecent images of Emma,'

'He put them on her Facebook and she said she was accused of prostitution by a man working at the school.'
Jones had also informed her mother that a man called George working in the IT department had seen the pictures  -  and she feared he would report it to the authorities.

'Emma and George didn't get on at all,' added Mrs Rowlands. 'She said she had to get away.'
Emma Jones

Miss Jones was said to have told her mother and flatmates that she feared she would be jailed by Abu Dhabi's strict Muslim regime.

'She was crying, she was breaking her heart,' said Mrs Rowlands, a full-time carer. 'I said, "Emma, whatever it is can't be that bad. Just come home".'

But Miss Jones told her mother: 'I can't leave the country, they will throw me in jail.'

Brayley admitted that although he had used Miss Jones's computer, he had never downloaded private photographs of her. He denied that the victim had ever sent him such pictures, describing Rowlands' claims as 'pure fantasy.'

Pathologist Dr Thomas Hockey performed a postmortem examination at Llandough Hospital, near Cardiff, which confirmed that Miss Jones had indeed drunk a corrosive substance. Coroner Thomas Atherton said he did not believe Mr Brayley was to blame for the tragedy. According to his statement recorded in an open verdict, he isn't entirely sure if the victim had meant to kill herself or if she had in fact accidentally injested the substance from an unlabelled container.

'For whatever reason, Emma expressed concern that she was about to be arrested and put in prison.

'She agreed the best course of action was to leave Abu Dhabi and return to Britain. Her clothes were out and her passport was in her pocket.

'That's not someone who is contemplating suicide.'

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