These amazing works of art were created by Vipula Athukorale, one of the best fine-detail chefs in the world who has worked in top-class hotels located in Greece, Iraq, Cyprus, Bahrain and England.

Although they look at the verge of melting, Athukorale said the secret was using the right type of golden spread. Instead of butter, he uses pastry margarine which tends to melt at much higher temperatures. The level of detail in his work is so fine that he cannot even breathe while he cuts out the figures. He also has to break regularly from his work and washes his hands in ice cold water to prevent them from melting the sculptures. Once finished, the sculptures can stand on display for years.

The Sri Lanka-born chef even managed to pick up two gold medals and a silver at the international Salon Culinaire Awards held in London last week. However, the fancy pastry chef feels as though his form of craft is no longer appreciated in the hotel industry after he was made redundant in late-2009.