Dream proposals vary for every person. Some people prefer simple, intimate moments but others want a grand gesture. The art of marriage proposals is getting more and more elaborate. In fact, there are many companies that help you pop the question in the perfect way. Some companies charge as much as $10,000 to help you plan the perfect marriage proposal. From concept to execution, these companies create the perfect proposal that is guaranteed to get the “yes”.  

However, if you are not able to afford hiring a planner for your proposal, you can still plan the perfect moment to ask your partner to marry you. Here is what to consider when you are planning the perfect marriage proposal: 

Set Up A Budget - Some people go all out and spend thousands on their marriage proposal. But, not everyone really needs to spend a fortune on the perfect proposal. Setting up a budget for your proposal is important. If you can afford to go all out for your proposal, then by all means spend top dollar to create the perfect moment. However, remember that you can also have a great proposal with a smaller budget and save that money for the actual wedding ceremony or spend it on the perfect ring. 
Pick The Perfect Ring - Finding the perfect ring is a big part of the engagement planning process. A quick way to find out the kind of ring your fiance is looking for is to check if they have a pinterest board. You can see the type of styles they like so you can have an idea of what to be shopping for. Also, you should pay attention to the jewelry they wear every day. This can clue you into whether they tend to wear silver or gold jewelry and also help you think about a ring that would match the accessories they tend already to wear every day. 
Be Inspired By Her Favorite Things - A marriage proposal should be planned carefully. While you can hire a proposal planner to create an elaborate engagement scene, no one knows your partner the way you do. Think about her favorite things such as books, movies, and hobbies. However, this moment is about both of you so it would be even better to create a meaningful moment doing something you both like to do. For example, if the two of you enjoy the outdoors together, you may want to set up a romantic hike or camping trip. If you are both foodies, you can set up a cooking class for the two of you where you create your very own intimate dinner. Remember, this is about creating a special moment for both of you to enjoy. 

Record The Moment - A marriage proposal is a memory that the two of you will cherish forever. Do not forget to record this special moment by hiring a photographer or videographer. Of course, you can always ask a friend to record the moment for you as well. However, hiring a professional can ensure you have beautiful and professional quality photos that you can use for your wedding day as well. 
Stick To Traditions - While you may not be the kind of couple that sticks to traditions, some proposal traditions you may want to stick to. We recommend keeping the tradition of an engagement ring and getting down on one knee. About 90% of women want their partner to propose in the traditional way of asking down on one knee. Clearly, even in our modern era this tradition still stands strong. 

Your road to marriage begins from the moment you ask “will you marry me?” Your proposal should be a loving and unforgettable moment that the both of you will be excited to retell again and again. Proposals are an important moment for all couples and no matter what your budget, you should ensure it is something your partner will find special.