Fitness blogger and fit mom Maria Kang is back, and she insists that her Facebook haters have got it all wrong.

Maria earned headlines this week after a picture of herself baring her abs while kneeling behind her three children went viral on Facebook (16 million views and counting). The picture that was captioned "What's Your Excuse?" had rubbed more than a couple of readers the wrong way.

In this interview with the Today show, host Matt Lauer asked Maria that if she could do it all over again, would she change the phrase? This was her response:
"A lot of people say that I should say, 'If can do it, so can you.' But I mean, honestly, if I were to put that, it might come out as 'Well, I can do it so can you,' — it's really, again, that dialogue that's happening in that person's head."
Kang also said that while she knows a lot of people saw her picture in a negative light, she insists that "the majority saw it as inspiring."