Seems that motorboating random busty women to raise money for breast cancer might not be such a good idea.

This douchebag campaign which was started by those boob-loving bros of Simple Pickup has already managed to rake it about $2,080. But the charities don't want anything to do with them, mainly because they don't think it's right to use their name to convince women to let you touch their privates in public before posting the videos online.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation explains more via this email to The Daily Dot:
Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. The donation from the makers of this video, a group called Simple Pickup, came in via BCRF's online automated donation page without our knowledge of any of the activities involved in the making, solicitation, and distribution of their campaign.

We appreciate efforts to raise money to advance breast cancer research, but out of respect for the community we serve, we have asked Simple Pickup to cease all references and associations to our organization and are refunding their donation immediately.
Seriously, what's next? Fingering women in public to raise cash for ovarian cancer? Here's hoping that this trend doesn't pick up.

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