Here are some ways you can look toned in under 10 seconds. It doesn't involve hard workouts, and you can achieve this whenever you feel like you aren't looking as top-form as you normally do.

Ears over shoulders:

Rounded shoulders can make your torso look short, making it look thicker than it is. Wear long, dangly earrings that nearly touch the tops of your shoulders.

Lift your rib cage:
If you have weak upper-back muscles, your chest is usually angled downward. This makes your boobs look droopy. Lift your sternum (the breast bone in your chest) a few inches to elongate your torso.

Parallel pelvis:
When your hips tilt forward and your butt lifts up a bit too much, it pushes out your stomach and accentuates the look of a belly pooch. Instead, try and straighten your your pelvis to level it. Your spine is also straightened in this manner.

Don't suck in, instead squeeze:
Imagine your midsection as a sponge - try to squeeze out a little water. It'll make your midsection look firmer and flatter than sucking in.

Pump it:
Do some quick fitness moves before stepping out. Strength training contracts your muscles and slows the normal flow of blood and oxygen to them. Afterwards, the backed up blood and oxygen flood the muscle cells, temporarily making them look more defined. If you want to maximize it, do 15 reps at a lighter weight.

Get rid of those bra bulges:
Finding the right bra is not always easy. But if you pick a wide fitted band, it'll lay flatter on your back, helping you avoid visible back fat, and makes you look fitter.