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Air travel was, at one time, a luxury for the wealthy. And certainly, there were a limited number of options for in-flight entertainment. Typically, there the only choice was to watch a movie, with audio channels playing music through large and uncomfortable headphones. Of course, nowadays we expect entertainment almost everywhere we go. And thanks to smartphone technology, that option has literally been left in our hands.  Read more
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After hours trading differs from normal trading. The normal trading hours are usually accepted to be the hours of the day between 9am and 4pm. The after hours trading hours are those which do not lie within this time period. Trading can still take place outwith the hours of those between 9am and 4pm, but the market and its investors differ from those within the regular trading hours. After hours trading uses an electronic communication network to connect buyers and sellers of stocks, they also allow for larger investors to connect with each other anonymously that invest on the behalf of their customers/members. This anonymity is well used by these larger investors as they may want to hide their actions so that others are not aware of what stocks they think are the best to purchase. Up until the latter part of the 20th Century, these larger institutions were the main users of electronic communication network enabled after trading sessions. Now, with the availability of electronic communication networks (ECNs), after hours trading is accessible to anyone that wold like to try it out, via accounts that they have with stock brokers. After hours trading is also commonly referred to as extended hours trading. These after hours (or extended hours) trading times do not take place at simply any time outwith the normal hours, they take place in allocated sessions. These allocated sessions typically run between 0800 and 0915 (EST), as well as 1600 and 2000. These are the only two after hours trading sessions that take place. Throughout the remainder of this article, we’ll take a look at what you should know about the stock market, and after hours trading before you decide to do so! It is important to be informed thoroughly of the market, stocks, and the practices of after hours trading as a whole before venturing into these sessions.   How exactly does after hours trading work to start with?  Read more
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Frauds are very common in the financial sector. It is highly recommended that, when hiring the services of a company, whether for advice, negotiation, debt consolidation, etc., choose the right company.  Read more
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