Michael Fassbender is an amazing actor, but his dong was the real breakout star of Shame. And just like Jon Hamm, Fassbender is tired of everyone talking about his big schlong, and he’d really like us to focus on his other talents instead.

According to Fassbender, this is proof of the double standards in Hollywood. Women would be protected from being ridiculed over their body parts, because it would be considered harassment.

Here's how he explained it to Elle UK magazine:
”I can’t start saying, ‘Wait a second there is more about the film than my d**k; it’s one scene and it doesn’t go on for very long.”

”It wouldn’t be acceptable it would be seen as sexual harassment, people saying [to an actress], ‘Your vagina …’ You know?”
No. We didn't get what he's trying to say either. Because our brains were too distracted thinking about Fassbender's giant baton the entire time while writing this article.