It's not a good time to be in Katharine McPhee's shoes. She was recently caught cheating on her husband by smooching with director Michael Morris (who is also married with kids). And now Morris is ditching Katharine by heading back home with his tail between his legs to beg for forgiveness.

Life & Style reports:
Now that Katharine McPhee and former Smash director Michael Morris' relationship has been exposed, Michael has completely ditched Katharine to try and reconcile with his wife. Desperate to make it up to his wife, actress Mary McCormack, and their daughters, Margaret, 9, Rose, 6, and Lillian, 2, the director has cut off all contact with Kat.

"He is devastated he has caused so much hurt," an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. "He doesn't want to throw his perfect family away for the sake of a fling with someone who didn't mean anything to him. He has agreed to stay at a friend's until Mary is ready to talk."
Clearly, Katharine needs to surround herself with more real friends and less hanger-ons. Because a true friend with not only tell you that having an affair with a married man is a bad idea, they would also tell you to do something about that hair before stepping out in the public eye. Seriously, look at it!