According to a couple of earlier reports, Michael Bay got beat up on the set of his own movie by a couple of Chinese brothers who shook him down for cash. Turns out, that may not be true. Or could it? He responded via a PR rep to the New York Times with his own account of the mugging:
“Contrary to several erroneous news reports made today, Bay did not get hurt in a fight on set. The production company did have a bizarre encounter with a man (allegedly under the influence of a narcotic substance) who was wielding an air conditioning unit as a weapon. The man, who had earlier accosted several other crew members, rushed onto the set in Quarry Bay and swung the air conditioning unit directly at Bay’s head. The director ducked and wrested the air conditioner from his attacker, preventing what could have been a serious accident.”
Because Michael Bay's not like Shia LaBeouf. He'll never get beat up!