Heidi and Spencer's staged photos from back in the day made them half a million bucks. That's incredible.
From their appearance on Bethenny earlier this week:
Bethenny: First of all you were on every magazine. You must have been stalked by paparazzi. What's that like now? Are they still following you? Do they still take pictures?
Spencer: They were never following us. I was calling them.
Bethenny: You are so honest. I really like that. You were calling them.
Spencer: We were in a partnership with them. There's big money in there. Was. Every photo you take they are selling them to the tabloids so if you partner up with them you get a cut.
Bethenny: Wow you got a deal with them not for holding a product but just for sitting by a pool.
Spencer: Any photo you see. We were making like half a million dollars in photos a year.
Heidi: It's a different economy now, a different market. There's not really that market now. We kind of were at the peak at that time.
Here are some of them to stir your memory: