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Metro Mandarin's...

Hit Male Singers :
Eason Chan, Gray Cao, Jam Hsiao, Kahlil Fong
Hit Female Singers: Joey Yung, Bibi Chou, Charlene Choi

Global Most Extreme Singer Award: Joey Yung, Eason Chan
Global Most Singer-Dancer Award: Show Luo

Most Global Popular Idol: Charlene Choi, Raymond Lam, Yoga Lin
Most Global Popular Singer: Joey Yung. Bibi Chou, Sun Nan
Most Global Popular Group: Twins, Lollipop

Song Of The Year: Eason Chan - For You (給你)
Singer Of The Year: Eason Chan
Album Of The Year: Eason Chan - Fifth Floor Bliss (上五樓的快活)

Mandarin Hit Songs

Bibi Chou - Canned Fish (魚罐頭)
Kevin Lin, Jing Chang - When Did We Forget (怎麼開始忘了)
Jing Chang - Let Me Take Care of You (讓我照顧你)
Richie Ren - Love Dodgeball (愛情躲避球)
Denise Ho - Poetry and Nonsense (詩與胡說)
Aarif Lee - Years of Frivolous (歲月輕狂)
Alan - Have ME Is Good (有ME就好)
Joey Yung - This Life Loved Before (信今生愛過)
Charlene Choi - Intimate Friend (知己)
Vincy Chan - Angel's Decision (天使的決定)
Raymond Lam - We Are Fine (我們很好)
Rachel Liang - Good After Cry (哭過就好了)
Gene Zhuo - 1+1
Gary Cao - Happy Day
Yoga Lin - Lie (說謊)
Jam Hsiao - Say a lil Something
Jam Hsiao - New Everlasting Love (新不了情)
Focus5 - GPM
Siu Lam - I Should Leave Peacefully (我是不是該安靜的走開)
G.E.M - A.I.N.Y
Peter Ho - I Remember I Loved Before (我記得我愛過)

Most Hit New Force Singers: Yen-j, Linn Chang, Khloe Chu, Adason Lo, Cindy Yen
Most Hit New Force Groups: Sugar Club, Hotcha
Most Hit New Force Band: Focus5
Most Hit Newcomer King: Lala, Alien Wong, Ah Lan, Abin Fong

Most Original Songs

Jonathan Wong - Few Meters Distance (幾米的距離)
Viviana Chen - Oriental Children (東方兒女)
Yumiko Cheng - Betrayal . Sentenced (背叛.被判)
Ken Hung - Unclaimed (無人認領)
Kevin Lin - Utopia (桃花源)
Irene A - Night Club (夜店)

Most Hit Dance Songs

Prince, Liljay - Dance Can Be Replaced (舞可取代)
William Chan - Do You Wanna Dance

Most Popular Karaoke Songs

New Banana Club - Little Husband (小丈夫)
Joey Yung - Very Busy (很忙)
Sherman Chung - A Letter To Myself (給自己的信)
Abin Fong - Bad Person (壞人)
Ding Dong - I Am A Small Bird (我是一隻小小鳥)
Siu Lam - I Should Leave Peacefully (我是不是該安靜的走開)

Most Hit Duets:

Khloe Chu, William So - After I Fall In Love With You (當我愛上了你之後)
Jinny Ng, Enzo Siu - Love @ Earth

Most Popular Winning Song Award
- Aarif Lee - Years Of Frivolous (歲月輕狂)

Most Popular Idol: Prince, Liljay / Liang Wen Yin
Biggest Leaped Singer: Gene Zhou, Liu Xian, Pan Yuwen
Hit Dance Sing-Dance Singer: William Chan
Hit Songwriter-Singer: Shadya, Jonathan Wong
Hit Producer Award: Gary Cao
Outstanding Performance Award: Jing Chang, Yoga Lin, Ding Dong, Denise Ho

Most Hit Mandarin Album:

Jane Zhang - I Believe (我相信)
Richie Ren - Music Traveler (音樂旅行者)
Irene A - A Song For You (送給你的歌)

Asia's Most Hit Idol: Jam Hsiao, Peter Ho, Raymond Lam
Asia's Most Hit Singers: Jam Hsiao, Jane Zhang
Asia's Most Hit Sing-Dance Singer: Cyndi Wong
Asia's Most Hit Group: Lollipop, Wonder Girls

Hong Kong Singers Top Award Winners
Eason Chan - 5 Awards
Joey Yung - 5 Awards
Raymond Lam - 3 Awards
Charlene Choi - 3 Awards