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KBS2TV 1N2D members Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi, Eun Ji Won, Lee Su Geun, MC Mong and Kim C will be going on a trip with some lucky viewers.

In a phone conversation with 1N2D PD, Na Yeong Seok, “As you can see, Lee Su Geun got his bus driving license last week (1N2D 081123 episode) and his wish to drive many people to go on a trip will be granted. We will put out the notification this week on air during the program and through the website. We are planning to pick around 10 - 20 viewers to go on a trip with us.”

He continued, “The theme of the trip will be decided upon the type of viewers that we get. If we get more elderly viewers, it would be strictly a sight-seeing kind of trip. But if there are more young viewers, they will compete with the 1N2D members in games and sleep together. It would be difficult to get this done before the end of the year because most of the schedules have already been fixed. But we promise to get this done by January 2009.”

He ended by saying, “We don’t have a theme for the trip yet and it will be decided 100% by the type of viewers we get in the end.”