Louis Vuitton's has just launched it first Maison store in Southeast Asia. Situated on the waterfront of the Marina Bay Sands, the futuristic design was done by award-winning architect Peter Marino. The four-storey island maison is the luxury brand's first in South-east Asia and 12th in the world. And if you think the exterior is impressive, just wait till you step inside. From Wallpaper.com:
In the more intimate lower rooms, which house fine jewellery and the men's 'universe', Marino covered the floors and panelled the walls in shipbuilding timber buffed to the nines like a Monte Carlo cruiser. An angular staircase with a nautical balustrade cuts across the place and carries visitors up past a Ruben Toledo cityscape to the sun-splashed upper decks. Here, floating ceilings and window shades angled like trapezoidal sails control the natural light yet maximise the 360-degree views; Marino positioned the showrooms around the core of the building, so shoppers can look out from the perimeter.
If you're planning on paying a visit (and you will pay), you can access the flagship by either bridge, a 'travelator' which ascends into the centre of the showroom from an underground tunnel or by private boat.