With the looming possibility of water shortages, desertification, and the necessity of finding alternative fuel sources on the horizon, humanity's booming numbers may soon be need of some solid  solutions to ensure that we as a species are able to survive and thrive in the future.

In preparation for this, a number of architects are busy cracking their skulls and making architectural plans for the future of greener living. Here's a list of top picks that will leave you looking forward to the future of architecture:

Everrich 2 Apartments: Self-Sustaining Tower by DWP Architects

Flat Tower: High-Density Honeycomb Structure

Green Tech City for Hanoi, Vietnam

KEPCO Green Energy Headquarters Concept

Living Mountain Skyscraper

Solar-Powered Paris Triangle by Herzog & de Meuron

PoroCity: Rehabilitation for Mumbai by Khushalani Associates

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