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Is this a sign she's transcending into a woman? From National Enquirer:

"Miley is rebelling big time," a source close to her told The Enquirer. "Her parents hit they roof when they saw the pictures of her gyrating on [producer Adam] Shankman's lap [at the wrap party for The Last Song]. Her dad Billy Ray is livid because he fears Miley's behavior is going to cost her the wholesome 'Hannah Montana' audience that catapulted her sitcom."

Those antics, plus the $3,000 that Miley recently spent on lingerie, prove she's anxious to ditch her 'Hannah Montana' alter ego, sources say.

"The lingerie she bought was more 'Sex and the City' than 17-year-old stuff," divulged the insider.

I don't see anything wrong with that. Some people are just overreacting. Plus we don't want another Jonas brothers female version over here. Plus there's this thing about hormones. I hear they be raging!